Best Decisions Don't Come From Logic


Gaining something is a “byproduct” of giving, which is energy that's been passed to someone by a giver. Without giving energy, nothing can be gained, because gaining is an expanded energy that you’ve projected into the external world. As a result, it comes  back multiplied. Whatever you send out, you receive back. Don't focus to get. Focus on creativity and intention to give, then, you’ll receive.  
Let me explain it by using a simple example.  
You have a product or service for sale. You worked on developing the product, you have done your training, learning, experience, etc. All these actions use energy.  
Then you think how to sell your product or service. In other words, you think how to get customers. Here comes your ego into play. Ego always seeks how to get. If you’re conditioned to think in this direction, you vibrate on frequencies that correspond to the needy state of mind. You appear as a needy person. If you drop your need of "getting" customers and focus on giving and serving, you’ll vibrate on the level of giving (providing).  
Most people seek what they can gain. That's why they react positively to "providing" frequencies (frequencies of a giver). Be a giver, and you'll attract more people. Words mean nothing. What is important? Intention! People feel your intention on subconscious level. You can say you're a giver, but if you think how to get, people will feel it. Your body language, your voice intonations, your facial expressions will say the truth. Going beyond that, as I mentioned before, our true intentions vibrate on another level, which is beyond physical expressions and 3-dimensional world. Your intentions vibrate on the Universal level, where everyone is united. Have you ever had a feeling of not trusting someone even though you didn't know the person? This person was very nice to you, said many good words, but somewhere deep inside you had this gut feeling that you couldn't believe a single word. Can you relate to it? That's the Universal level of communication.  
Let's get back to your service or product, or a job interview. What do you feel when you pitch what you have to offer? Do you feel almost guilty to sell it? Do you feel like you're asking for a favor? Do you focus only on getting money? Do you feel not worthy? If so, you're on the "needy" vibrational level. Now, let's take a closer look. As I said before, you put your energy into developing, learning and creating processes. How do you value what you've done? Do you value your service or you value just money? Do you value what you have to offer and act from your heart? If you don't, you send a message to the Universe that your work worth nothing. So, nothing you get. Moreover, the energy you've used for this work has been given to you by the Universe. By giving no value to your work, you give no value to the Universal energy. As a result, you stop its flow. You store it. However, according to the law of energy, it always must move. It needs to circulate. For that, you should let it do its job. How? Read more...

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