Elvira Kalnik

Singer, songwriter, model and producer Elvira Kalnik is a European crossover artist based in the USA who sings and produces a variety of musical styles including electronic dance, contemporary pop, dubstep, drum n bass music with an operatic quality and soft rock. Born in the Ukraine, Elvira has received high music and vocal education in both Ukraine and Germany, where she's studied opera. Teachers used to call her an opera diva with a rock n roll mind.
Elvira hasn't seen herself in opera. However, she's incorporated an opera vocal in some songs in her album Peachy Pink that has been recorded in a variety of genres. She began writing and performing songs a while before she started her education. Elvira produced her first album prior to her 15th birthday, just a year after she wrote her first song. 
Trying different genres, she found herself in electronic music, which partially was included in the album Peachy Pink along with other musical styles. Later, she released an EDM single I Wish to Practice Me
After success with her EDM/Dubstep instrumental Chemical Reaction, Elvira Kalnik has signed a contract with Hooki-Sonic Recordings and released a new version with vocals Chemical Reaction - Vocal Mix 
Later, she released her new version of Donna Summer's break out dance single I feel love with GME agency. Elvira rearranged the song in EDM/Dubstep with powerful vocal. Her edm album, Magical Child was born in Vegas when Elvira wrote her song Magical Child. 
Elvira’s recent song Star Dance 

won awards in the category “Best Music Video” in New York, Los Angeles and Cannes while got a recognition in Amsterdam and Berlin.