1. Dream of Peace

From the recording Peachy Pink

This track is from the album Peachy Pink by Elvira Kalnik


Dream of peace……

Can we please dream of peace,
in pluralism bliss,
Retrain combative souls,
how to love and kiss.
Unbolt our hearts and minds,
And smother prejudice.
Light the torch of freedom,
Display some tolerance.
Captain of all captains,
Shepherd of all hearts.
Please make my leaders
Compassionately smart.
Direct our skippers,
To safe waters and shores,
To the sea of serenity,
Where there shall be no war.
Can we please dream of peace……,
The myth of rightful violence
is “mother of all pain”.
It comes from our weakness
and stiffness of our brain.
Aggression by design
Simply, has no role,
Please guide our heroes,
To practice self-control.
Can we please dream of peace……,
Captain of all captains,
lenient and kind.
Give us directions,
Paint us a sign.
Show our children,
To respect and adore,
And by ways of love,
They shall see no war.
Can we please dream of peace…….